Verbatim PRIMALLOY (tm) 3D Filament 1.75mm


Verbatim PRIMALLOY (tm) 3D Filament 1.75mm

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PRIMALLOY™ Flexible 3D Filament is a high performance, polyester based thermoplastic elastomer which consists of a mixture of crystalline aromatic polyester block (mainly PBT) and an uncrystalline polyether block (mainly poly-tetramethylene-ether-glycol). This mixture gives objects printed with PRIMALLOY unique flexibility without sacrificing durability.



Pliable rubber material with outstanding heat, oil and abrasion resistance as well as superior mechanical strength.

Developed using proprietary materials from Mitsubishi Chemical

High performance polyester based thermoplastic elastomer (TPE).

Custom spool designed for strength, uniform performance and trouble-free feeding

Filaments packaged in vacuum-sealed bag, with desiccant to prevent introduction of dust and moisture.

1-Year Limited Warranty


For best performance, use Polymide Tape (Kapton™ Tape) with a heated build platform (40º - 50º C)

To prevent layer drooping, apply forced air cooling on object as it builds.

To prevent feed jams, utilize slow print speeds (≤ 30 mm/s) and turn off retraction. Avoid excessive pressure in the pinch feeder.

Not recommended for printers with significant distance between the pinch feeder and hot end (eg. >15mm).

Storage and Handling:

Keep material in sealed bag until ready for use.

Store unused material in cool, dark place.


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Technical Specifications

Diameter Tolerance1.75 ± 0.05 mm

Process Temperature210-235° C

Net Weight1.10 lbs (0.50 kg)

Gross Weight1.70 lbs (0.77 kg)

Spool Diameter20.00 cm (7.87 In)

Spool Depth6.70 cm (2.64 In)

Hub Diameter10.20 cm (4.02 In)

Hub Hole Diameter5.10 cm (2.01 In)

Heated platform required?Recommended

Recommended Storage Temperature-20 to 60° C