Zortrax understands the importance of independence in work. The less work is being outsourced, the better are the final results. Now, you can truly control your project and realize even the biggest ideas. Zortrax introduces you to the Zortrax M300, a 3D printer that took what’s best of Zortrax M200 and enlarged it - in all dimensions.  Print Something Big!

300mm X 300mm X 300mm

Zortrax M200 quickly won hearts of thousands of users. Its huge success convinced us that instead of changing a good device, we should expand it. Therefore, we have decided to enlarge the build volume of the widely awarded M200. That resulted in creating Zortrax M300 (also see dedicated M300 page), a 3D printer that combines precise dimensional accuracy, and large build volume at a reasonable price.  Now Big is possible!



Zortrax M200 quickly won the hearts of thousands of users. No wonder – its reliability, efficiency, and precision combined with the reasonable price made it a true competitor. The 3D printer
works in an integrated system and comes in a wide selection of professional materials with a variety of qualities and colors.

A perfectly matched 3D printer, software and materials guarantee high-quality 3D prints. The Zortrax M200 carefully reproduces the dimensions of every 3D model – which means that you can print detailed elements with the certainty that each copy will be identical. The intuitive 3D printing software offered by Zortrax Z-SUITE, works with most 3D modeling programs and reads .stl, .obj, .3mf, and .dxf file formats. It only takes a few clicks to convert your project into a real model.

Take on any 3D Print job with total confidence!



THE SMART ONE. Meet Zortrax Inventure, the must-have 3D printer for professionals who’re looking for the top quality printer and do not accept any excuses. The device introduces you to a number of features that will make your work extremely easy and satisfying, like Dissolvable Support System, closed heated chamber or dedicated software. The notification system and cartridges that register the material consumption can give you control over the printing, while the HEPA filter will assure you the safety of the whole process. Now even the most complex objects can be brought to life. Print with incredible dimensional accuracy, consistent repeat ability, smartly, and professionally.  Zortrax Inventure has a built-in notification system that prevents errors and gives you full control!                                                                                                                          NOW THAT IS  SMART!